Las cafeterías de especialidad recomendadas por The Top Café en Madrid durante el 2017.

Mapa Ruta Barista is the paper version of the list of specialty cafés recommended by The Top Café during 2017. The third wave of coffee has grown noticeably in Madrid in this past year and the map is born of our desire to spread the word on the streets, not just though mobile apps.

The aim of this map is sharing information about the local coffee scene, which is not only affecting the way we have coffee in Madrid, but also seeks to set an example for catering establishments that are currently changing the way they serve coffee in their premises.

The third generation of cafés is here to stay and we have reflected this in a guide that summarizes everything that has happened in The Top Café in 2017. We want to reach map collectors, novice and expert coffee lovers, tourists and locals that wish to discover the best coffee in Madrid as well as its most important areas.

Ruta Barista and The Top Café are two independent projects that are not sponsored by any brands related to the world of coffee.

Thanks for taking part in the first edition of the Ruta Barista Madrid!

El Equipo Ruta Barista by
The Top Café

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Randall Coffee Roasters
Mercado de Vallehermoso
(Mercado de productores locales)

Monkee Koffee
Calle Vallehermoso, 112, 28003 Madrid

Cafés Guayacán
Calle de Fernández de los Rios, 26, 28015 Madrid

Toma Café 2
C/Santa Feliciana, 5

Ciento treinta grados
Calle de Fernando el Católico, 17

Rebel Café
Calle de Ponzano, 90

Ruda Café
C/Ruda, 11

Toma Café
c/ de la palma, 49

Calle del Pez, 20

Hola Coffee
Calle Doctor Fourquet 33

Zero point
Calle de Santa Isabel, 37

El Oso y el Madroño
Calle del Doce de Octubre, 16, 28009 Madrid

Waycup Specialty Coffee
Calle de Juan Bravo, 27

Plántate Café
Calle de Mesón de Paredes, 28

Aroma and Bread
Calle Apodaca, 10


Bertani Café
C/ San Juan, 40

Mama Carmen’s
Carrer Cervantes, 1, Palma

Rata Corner
Carrer dels Hostals, 17, 07002 Palma

Bean green

Randall Coffee roasters

Oro Negro Madrid

Divina Dulceria

La Llama Coffee


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